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 Short Stories #2

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PostSubject: Short Stories #2   Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:53 am

-A mind is only as strong as ones soul will allow it to be, and the body can not function without a mind, so the essence of who we are is our soul.

It was many years ago since I had seen a mountain, sharp edges, steep cliffs, howeling wind, and a peak that seemed as if it disappeared into the sky. The picture perfect mountain, the ones you would hear about in movies or in an epic adventure story. I could almost imagine the look on someones face back home to see this thing, this massive mountain of volcanic rock littered with the small trees and vines that clang to it's dangerous surfaces surviving as all life does, through adversity. An amazing sight indeed, but one that I have been living with for awhile. I gripped the rope ladder that went up and traversed it's slanting surface, only to find that my hands couldn't be steadied, that my heart rate increased, that my breath became deeper and a memory
that I had hoped would go away came back to show me exactly how close i came to never taking another breath again. The last time I had seen a mountain i had done so with excitement and joy at the thought of being able to persue and enjoy my hobby of natural surface rock climbing. The idea of conquering a great obstical and standing atop of it to view everything that it towered over is what drew me to this sport. The training, the conditioning, the long hours of knot tieing practice were all a build up to this moment. To climb in the great Rocky Mountains. My climb began well the sun was partially blocked by the clouds making it bearable for me to climb without being blinded by the light that glared of the sides of the rock. I make it to the first overhang, a great accomplishment, but it's not the top, and that is where everyone wants to be, no one ever wants second best, they want to be the best, to feel liike they have truely accomplished something, so I decided to climb higher and higher, not realizing that maybe I was in fact passing up what my skill level could handel, no matter, im young and indestructible, nothing bad could happen. I come to holding the rope ladder still looking straight up the side of the mountain. My hands are still shakey, and i reach down to feel the scar on my hand and chest. Total impulse, no thought at all, almost as if my body was trying to remind me of something by showing me just what had happened before. Forget it I won't let you stop me I think to myself. I begin to climb the rope, still shakey, but inch by inch, right foot over left foot, I begin to climb, the wind cooling the back of my neck and the smell of the
ocean sorrounding me. It's almost as if the senses we use everyday have just been turned on for me, I feel changes in the wind easier, I can feel the shift in weight that occurs when i change the foundation of my footing...I hear my heart pounding. Shut up
is all I can think of, it's so loud, why won't it shut up? bzzzzz .... Bzzzzzzz.... BZZZZZZZZ ....Agh, I can never escape work, I just want silence and peace. "hello" , I forget what they say, it's my roommate and he is just complaining again, "get a life damnit". I turn off the cell phone, no more interuptions. I make it to the first rest stop, I sit down against a tree and catch my breath, "that was fun", my heart slows down, "Thank God". Now relax, relaaax, reelaa...I must have fallen asleep, it's common to do so whenever we stop around here since we do nothing but move move move all day long and sleep only a couple hours each night. I get up and take a drink of water, cool and refreshing, im rested and hydrated ready to go. I began my ascent once more, this time my hands and heart are acting as they should, calmly. I reach the top to be greeted by a view of clouds, sun, and beautifull blue Kaneohe Bay. You can never relize how small you are in comparison to the world till you have stood atop a mountain and looked down from it. It humbles you. I stay for awhile enjoying myself, being proud at what I had done. It wasn't a true rock climb hearsay but it was a good climb none the less. My mind began to wander again, my hands started to shake again, worse than before, "Damnit". It's weird how our subconscience mind controls all that we do not think about doing, like our breathing, our heart rate, the muscle and tendon tension of our hands that cause the rapid contractions in my hand that make it shake. I try and calm myself again and steady my hand, 2x2=4, 4x2=16, 16x2=32, I try and do math, it takes my mind off other things, my hand stops my heart slows back down. I won't let it get in the way of what I find enjoyable with life. The climb down was quick and the path back was short. I came back to my room, grabbed the key around my neck, and opened the door. Roommates are both drunk again. I head to the shower and try relax my muscles especially my shoulders, they are tense as usual, but the heat helps. I think about the day, I think about the past, I hope for a better tommarrow, and I wish for only the good times to last.

-In our life we have ups and downs, good times and bad. What sets us apart is our ability to make decisions, to get up when we

fall and to overcome any fear or regret we might have.-
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Short Stories #2
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